New Book on the Horizon

It has been a while since I last posted any news.  It was a busy holiday season for us as was for most.  It was my resolution this year to complete two books.  One being a romance novel and another being a children’s chapter book.  Both are in the writing process as I post.

I’ll give a small hint for the chapter book.  It’s a mystery.

I also have visions for a new picture book as well.  I like to keep variety in my life and mingling these three genres are proof of that.  I plan to have more exciting news for my next post on the progress of all three books.

Happy spring to come!


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Half-Price Books Event

I will be at the Avon, Indiana Half-Price Book Store on Saturday, November 18 from 12:00-4:00 p.m.  I will be promoting “Molly Greyson’s Ghost”.  I will also have my Stonebridge Ghost Tales books available as well as “The Cubicle Detective” and my two picture books.

This will be an excellent opportunity to pick up a signed copy for that avid book worm in your family whether they are 8, 16, or 55.  I have a book for every age.  I recommend the coloring book edition of “Nakita’s Big Question” and “Minnie to the Rescue” as a great stocking stuffer for those little ones.

I hope to see my local friends at this event as we prepare to kick off the holiday season.


Central Library Meet an Author Event

It was a busy day at the Indianapolis Central Library last month.  Although the sales were not monumental, just meeting other authors and sharing writing experiences with them was priceless.  The selection of different genres was amazing.  The crowd in attendance was engaging and offered their insights as to what types of books they were seeking.  It was our job as authors to open their minds to exploring other genres.  Whether it was a self-help book, children’s book, fantasy, fiction or non-fiction novel,  they all had readers stacked up at their tables hungry for inspiring stories.


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The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane Earthshine Award Winner

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