Author Spotlight at Library

cropped-kidsreading690x690frozennorth3.jpgI will be hosting an Author Spotlight at the Brownsburg Public Library on Saturday, November 12 from 1 – 3 p.m.  I will have all eleven of my current books with me for purchase and signing.  I am extremely hopeful that “Molly Greyson’s Ghost” will arrive in time to premier the book at this event.  But, if not, it is currently available on amazon and other fine online booksellers including

In this digital age we live in so many people are turning to their laptops or pad readers to read a book.  Call me “old school” but holding a book in your hands allows you to have the entire book in front of you at all times.  And then there’s the smell of the pages that just seems to beckon a comforting feeling.  Of course, my books all come in ebooks if you’re adamant about your digital reader or pad.

Some people love the look of multiple books lining their bookshelves.  Others like the compact style of multiple books on their readers.  Whether you are young or old, choose a paperback in hand or a digital reader, the most important thing is you continue to READ.  The written word is your connection to the world around you.  Stir up your imagination.  Put the stress of everyday behind you.  Pick up a book and let your mind drink in the words.  Find your ‘Zen’ in a book.


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