The Ghosts of Stony Manor

moonbeamawardsilver300x300THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR
Book III of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales
Written by Roberta Hoffer
Illustrated by Madison Gaines
Juvenile Fantasy / Chapter Book
Rated G for ages 8-12
74 pages [24,000 words]
[©2015] from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

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2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Silver Award Winner for Best Chapter Book Series

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“In THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR (The Stonebridge Ghost Tales, Book III) by Roberta Hoffer, Christian Jones Arnook and his mother Allison leave their small Alaskan home to start a new life in Stony Manor, a huge estate with acres of land in Indiana. They now live with the ghosts of almost every generation of the Jones family, except one – Christian’s great-great-grandfather, Andrew Christian Jones. When a secret letter hints of a Jones family treasure yet to be found, the missing ancestor may be the one that holds the key to it. Even though this is already the third installment of the series, it can certainly be enjoyed as a standalone. I love the sketched illustrations, which complement the story well. I wished there were more of them throughout the read. They transported me back to my younger days when I buried my nose in well-loved children’s fairy tales, devouring every bit of artistic representation of a story. The characters stayed with me long after I was done reading. The end of the story seemed to arrive too soon, before this reader was ready to detach. Christian is quite infectiously innocent, curious and free-spirited so that you can’t help but root for him and his family. The ghostly mystery theme will keep you turning the pages. Roberta Hoffer’s flawless prose and vividly imagined setting should please anyone who loves a good story. On the whole, The Stonebridge Ghost Tales series can easily be a favorite classic for both young and older readers.” ~ Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite [FIVE STARS]

“Secrets are nothing new at Stony Manor, and of course a few strange occurrences are par for the course, after all there seem to be more ghosts, than living beings at the manor. When Christian finds a letter about a hidden treasure it could be the answer to the money issues that his mother worries about. Christian is determined to figure out where the treasure is and solve the mysteries that crop up, thing is school is about to start and he isn’t going to have much time! What secrets will he uncover and will the family fortune be found? I have enjoyed each book in The Stonebridge Ghost Tales, but think THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR was the best one yet! Christian is about to turn eleven and he is starting sixth grade in a new school. The mysteries and ghosts that surround the manor really keep the plot zipping along. I really enjoyed the interactions of Christian and his “ancestors” and it was interesting to watch them work together. I also enjoy the interactions between him and his mother, they really depict a true mother, son relationship. I thought the part the gargoyles played in the story was great and will certainly put readers imagination into overdrive. Glimmers of humor really round out this story quite nicely. Even though this book is geared toward ages 8-12, older readers will enjoy it as well. I only hope that Ms. Hoffer continues this series because I am certain that Christian and the residents of Stony Manor have many more adventures to share.” ~ reviewed by Brenda Casto [FIVE STARS]

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