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Watch the video trailer for MOLLY GREYSON’S GHOST

Watch the video book trailer for Robera Hoffer’s young adult mystery novel MOLLY GREYSON’S GHOST, available in EPUB, Kindle, paperback, and hardback. | Read more and find sales links | WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE |


New Book Trailer for Stonebridge Ghost

cvr200x300ghostofstonebridgelaneIn this day and age we have many avenues to reach millions of people all over this world of ours.  There’s just one catch: you have to be computer-friendly, or know someone who is educated in social media mainstreaming.  I am blessed with a 13 year-old grandson who just happens to be my personal computer wizard. Together we were able to use my book knowledge and his expertise in computer technology to put together a book trailer that makes us smile with pride.  Being our first endeavor, we feel confident that you will enjoy it enough to read the book if you haven’t already. With two other books in the series I expect to see more video trailers in the near future.  Who knows, Christian may have opened up a promising future at the ripe age of 13.

Congratulations, Christian, on a job well done!

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